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VRM Check

Check if a car has ever been stolen, written off, has finance & more

What our VRM Check includes

  • Stolen Car Check – At Check My Vehicle we offer a vehicle checker service that will detect if a vehicle is stolen.

  • Mileage Check & MOT History – Is the car showing the correct mileage and Information from the DVLA and Gov site regarding the vehicle history

  • Car Written Offf – Has the car been declared written off by the insurer

  • Number of Keepers – The number of owners registered on the Logbook

  • Valuation – A guide valuation of the vehicle checked

  • Scarped Car – Is the car declared Scarped by the DVLA

  • Number plate change – How many number plate changes has the car had

  • Outstanding Finance – Is there a loan or outstanding debt on the car

  • Import/Export  – Find out if the car has been imported or exported

What is a VRM check?

In the UK, a VRM (Vehicle Registration Mark) check is a process used to obtain information about a vehicle by entering its registration number. This check is commonly performed to access details about a vehicle’s history, ownership, and various other important pieces of information. There are several ways to perform a VRM check in the UK, and it can be done for various purposes, including:

Vehicle Ownership: You can use a VRM check to determine the registered keeper of a vehicle, which can be useful when buying a used car to ensure that the seller is the legal owner.

 A VRM check can provide you with information about the vehicle’s history, such as its make and model, date of registration, and previous MOT (Ministry of Transport) test results. This can help you verify the accuracy of the information provided by the seller.

Outstanding Finance: VRM checks can reveal whether a vehicle has outstanding finance, which could affect your ability to obtain clear ownership if you purchase it.

Mileage Check: You can use a VRM check to verify the recorded mileage of the vehicle and check for discrepancies that might indicate tampering.

Our VRM  offers historical information on vehicles in the UK, allowing you to make informed decisions when buying a car. Our car history check is the most extensive and detailed report available, providing you with complete confidence.

Insurance Write Off (Total loss) Check: We thoroughly examine whether the vehicle has been declared as an insurance total loss, including categories A, B, C, D, S, and N. This check provides details on the type of loss, the date it occurred, and the areas that were damaged. By analysing data from the insurance industry (MIAFTR), we determine if a vehicle has ever been written off. Additionally, our salvage history check can reveal any damage photos if the vehicle has been sold on auction sites.

Outstanding Finance Check: Our check reveals if a vehicle has any outstanding finance agreements. This information, along with the necessary details to contact the finance company, is provided to ensure transparency.

Imported/Exported: Through a number plate check, we determine if a car, motorbike, or van has been recorded as imported or exported by the DVLA. If a vehicle is flagged as exported, we recommend exercising caution before proceeding.

Scrapped/Unscrapped: By cross-referencing data from the DVLA, we verify whether the vehicle you intend to purchase has been scrapped or is still in use.

Colour Change: Our registration check includes a record of the vehicle’s original colour and any past colour changes. It is essential to notify the DVLA and update your V5C registration document in case of any changes.

VIN or Chassis: This check reveals the last four digits of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) provided by the DVLA. It is crucial to ensure that these numbers match the vehicle and the V5C logbook.

Engine Number: We provide the engine number of the vehicle, allowing you to verify that it matches the car’s engine and the V5C logbook.

Car Valuation: Our valuation tool provides you with an up-to-date price based on the car’s model and mileage. This includes both the trade-in price and the private sale price, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the car’s value.

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About Check My Vehicle

Check My Vehicle offers the most comprehensive and up-to-date HPI checks in the UK. Our checks include information on outstanding finance, written-off vehicles, stolen vehicles, accident damage, mileage discrepancies,, number plate changes, import status, exported status, insurance total loss, outstanding hire purchase, outstanding leasing, scrappage certificates, and vehicle inspection reports.

We also offer a variety of additional features, such as vehicle valuations and MOT history checks.

Check My Vehicle is the leading HPI check provider in the UK, and our checks are more accurate and up-to-date than those of any other company. We also have a better customer service team and our checks are more affordable.

Here are some of our competitors: HPI Check, Total Car Check, Full Car Checks, My Car Check

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